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We’re not just another advertising company.

We’re a one-stop shop for digital publishers.

We think about the big picture, and ensure all the key drivers of your business are singing in harmony.

Our Comprehensive Approach

Advertising Optimisation

We make sure you’re using the right ad units in the right places, and get you plugged into the right demand sources to maximise your revenue.

Business Analytics

We pull the key metrics of your business into a unified dashboard, to make sure they’re always pointing in the right direction.

Audience Development

We find the gaps in your traffic sources, and turn your traffic into an audience of repeat visitors and paid subscribers.

Web Technology

We can work with your legacy systems and in-house developers, or build something new using a cutting edge web stack.

Paid Subscriptions

We can design a paid content strategy that suits your site and audience, build it, and generate predictable, recurring revenue.

User Experience

We can make your site look better, read better, load faster, and even feel like a native application with beautiful transitions.

A word from our clients

“Ocelot has substantially increased our advertising revenue, and helped us understand our search traffic & subscription business on a new level” David Llewellyn-Smith, Founder, MacroBusiness

“I’m an ad tech engineer by day, but Fintel needed a trusted advisor who understood the publisher side of programmatic advertising, and Ocelot has filled that role perfectly. I’ve always got actionable advice at hand.” Wilton Risenhoover, Founder, Fintel.io

Why work with Ocelot?

As the former MD & CTO of New Atlas, we’re familiar with the problems faced by publishers.

We spent 12 years helping to grow New Atlas into one of the biggest independent publishers on the web, without any external capital.


We took control of how ads appeared on our pages, and how much it would cost to put them there.

We took control over the relationship with our audience, and gave them control of how they supported the site.

Ocelot was founded to help other publishers do the same thing.

We have clients seeing double the revenue they were before they started working with us.

What would that do for your business?

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